Welcome to Budding Joy! You most likely came to this site because you relate to one, or more, of these subjects; depression, trying to lose weight, or you are in your 20s wondering what the heck you are doing with your life and desperately trying to find direction and purpose in your life.

What you’ll find here

I deal with all the issues mentioned above. If you think this is a blog where I tell you everything is going to be okay and give you steps on how to overcome these situations you should probably find another blog….. Before you go hear me out for a second. No I can’t give you the “I’ve overcome this issue and here is how you can too” advice, but what I can do is walk with you through it. I haven’t gotten it all figured out but I’m learning as I go. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through the past few years is that we all struggle with something, even if we think we are alone in the struggle, but we are stronger together!

This is the time to find what sets our souls on fire. This is the time for us to fight for our happiness, this is the time for us to not let our struggles own us. When you start to feel that shift from feeling like you’ve lost your passion for life, to feeling hopeful that you can change your life…. That’s when you can say you are BUDDING JOY!

Let’s get started

Let’s go through this journey together. Through this blog I’ll be bringing you what I’m learning through my battle with depression, journey to losing over 100 pounds, and how I’m navigating being in my 20s by learning how to “adult” through personal development and discovering who I am.


* These are my opinions and experiences. It may look differently for you. Always consult a professional before taking my advice when needed (examples would be a financial advisor, life coach, doctor, health coach, etc.).