2020 Christmas Gift Guide

December 7, 2020

You didn’t think we could have Blogmas without a gift guide did you? I know you’ve probably seen a lot of these already, but what’s another one to get ideas from? In this gift guide I’ve got ideas for your loved ones in the areas of health and wellness and personal development. Pro tip, if you haven’t downloaded the 12 Days of Blogmas ebook do it now. In there you’ll see a gift brainstorm sheet that will go great with this post as you get ideas on what gifts you are giving this year. Let’s get this 2020 Christmas Gift Guide started!

2020 Chrristmas Gift Guide

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Physical Health

Dumbbells: These were hard to get a few months ago. I looked for weeks to find a 10lb. Set. I never did find one in a store but a friend of mine gave me hers. They seem to be back in stock in many places. 

Foam Roller: This is definitely a piece of equipment that I love to hate, or hate to love, it depends on the day lol. Recovery is really important, I’m learning my lesson with that one. I’ve got my eye on this beautiful one from Love Sweat Fitness.

A really great pair of earbuds: I’m a firm believer that music can make the workout. There is something about a great beat that makes me feel like I workout so much harder. When choosing earbuds you want to make sure they are comfortable and won’t fall out easily. These ones on the left have really great reviews on Amazon. If you are on a budget I’d recommend the ones on the right. I’ve had ones similar to those before.

Smart Speaker: Earbuds are great when you are at the gym, but if you workout at home I love listening to a speaker. Smart speakers are a lot better in my opinion. Don’t like  the song? Instead of interrupting your workout you just have to say, “Hey Google/Alexa/Siri play the next song.” Ready to cool down? Tell google you want a slower song. I really love my Google Home Mini. It doesn’t take up much space and the sound is great. I’ve also heard great things about the Amazon Alexa.

A Cute Workout Outfit: Who doesn’t love to look cute while working out? I’ve been obsessed with my Active Booty mesh top. I believe they are all sold out, if not very close, of their first collection. However there are many other places that you can get some cute pieces to add to their workout apparel like Fabletics and PopFlex Active. If you are looking for more low-cost options, I’ve gotten some cute things from stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy.  Get your loved ones the gift of a workout with style by getting them some new activewear. 

Customized Water Bottle: I got a water bottle from Etsy last year for Christmas and I’m still loving it. Etsy is the place to go for cute personalized water bottles. Well, personalized anything really.

FitBit: It amazes me what wearable technology is able to do. I love my FitBit Versa to track my steps, but more than that, it exposes my bad sleeping habits. That is something I’m trying to work on getting better at so the information my FitBit gives me is really helpful. If your loved ones don’t have an activity tracker yet, this would make a great gift.

Mental Health/Self Care 

A Cute Journal: Journaling is a great self care practice. It’s even better when you are writing in a cute and/or inspirational notebook. I’ve found some really cute ones at Burlington. If you have one near you go check them out.

Affirmation cards: This could be a cute DIY gift. You could also just buy some if you aren’t crafty. I saw these on Amazon. They are so cute, I may have to get this one myself.

Subscription Box: These make great gifts because they are like 4-5 gifts all in one. If you need ideas on which one to pick, I did a review over on GenTwenty that you can check out.

Bath Set: Baths are so soothing, especially when you add bath bombs, bubbles, and even a face mask. If you plan on gifting this to your loved ones you have two options. You can buy a pre-packaged set, or you can make your own.

Inspirational Book: Give the gift of a new perspective. You can go the route of buying an inspirational book, or if you know a book the person has been wanting, that’s a great gift idea as well. These are two books that helped me get through some rough times. Unqualified and the 5 Second Rule

Gifts With A Message: This is the same idea as the affirmation cards, except the message is on a product. Think like coffee mugs, wall art, phone cases, etc. 

The Planners & Productivity Queens and Kings

Happy Planner: I’ve seen a lot of hype for the Happy Planner for years. I finally decided to try it for 2020. I actually got it as a gift from my sister. These planners definitely live up to the hype. Not only are they super cute, and motivational, there are also different formats available. Add in some of these Happy Planner stickers and you have the perfect gift set for the planner-obsessed people in your life.

Bullet Journal: This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves planners, but feel like they haven’t found one that completely works for them. With a bullet journal they will be able to create their own planner. They’ll have the freedom to be as creative, or as minimal, as they want to. My favorite bullet journal is the ones from Scribbles That Matter. If you want to see how others compare, check out this video.

Pens & Markers: I’ve never met a pen, or marker, set that I didn’t love. I’m sure your productivity-obsessed loved ones feel the same way. With so many options it can be hard to know where to start. Allow me to help with that. Here are my recommendations that I personally use, and love.

Audible Subscription: Audible is a great solution for those that love to read, but feel like they have no time to. With Audible you can literally listen to your book while cooking, doing laundry, on your commute. Imagine how many books your loved ones can read next year with this.This can also be a great gift to give yourself. Right now there is a special deal going on where you can get your first six months for only $4.95. Considering most books are $15-$20, that is an amazing deal! Get all the details here.

2020 Christmas Gift Guidw

Okay I have to know. Are you more of an early shopper, or are you someone out on Christmas Eve buying all the last-minute items? I’d have to say I’m a little of both. Whichever one you are, if you are ordering online be wary of shipping, this year especially. Pay attention to the day it’s supposed to be delivered to make sure you’ll have plenty of time to wrap it and place it under the tree. If all this shopping stresses you out, you’ll want to come back here to tomorrow’s Blogmas post.

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