10 Ideas For a 21 in 2021 Challenge

December 17, 2020

This post will be super short today. I just wanted to share with you something fun to track things you want to do in the new year. I saw a lot of 20 in 2020 lists at the beginning of this year, I even made one. I decided I wanted to try it again in the new year. Here are some tips and ideas to create your own 21 in 2021 list. I’ve even have a few freebies at the end of today’s post for you.

20 in 2021

Your 21 in 2021 Game Plan

The way I see it, there are two different options you can go for here. You can list 21 activities you want to do, like read _ amount of books, write a book, run a 5k, etc.. Another way is to approach it as 21 of something. Here’s my list so that you can get an idea of what you can add to yours.

  1. Read 21 books: Look out for my Words That Shape Me: 2020 Reading list to be published soon!
  2. Listen to 21 podcasts: If you have a podcast you’d recommend, put it in the comments.
  3. Make 21 new recipes: I used to be really good about trying new recipes, but I’ve been slacking. I thought this would give me some accountability.
  4. Lose 21 pounds: My weight loss journey continues, so this was a no-brainer.
  5. Take 21 courses: I have so many courses I want to take, but haven’t yet. So again, accountability was the drive for this one.
  6. Write 21 blog posts: More content for y’all! 🙂
  7. Watch 21 movies: It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to watch a movie. I want to watch more of them in 2021.
  8. Listen to 21 albums: If you have any albums you think I should check out, let me know. I like almost all genres.
  9. Make 21 TikToks: Okay I’ll admit it, I may have a slight obsession with TikTok.
  10. Apply to 21 jobs: The job hunting stress is real. I’m hoping to knock these out as soon as possible. I just hope one of them leads to a job that starts my career. I really need that right now.

Why Do This?

I think it’s a fun way to take the pressure off of goal setting. Yes, goal setting is important, but can be overwhelming for some. These small activities are a great warm-up to get into the flow of goal setting. Another plus is that it is a great way to make memories and challenge yourself. You could even have a joint list with a friend or family member to see who can finish their list first, if you like competition. 

21 in 21

A Gift For You

I’m making it easy for you to participate in a 21 in 2021 challenge, if you’d like. Here are a few printables you can use, there are different designs and sizes.

 Let me know if you decide to use these. Tomorrow is one of my favorite posts, I’m sharing how I create my bullet journal. See you then!

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