3 Self Care Categories You Need To Know

September 29, 2021

It’s Day 2 of the FALLing for Self Care Challenge. Today we are going to dig a little deeper into what the different categories of self-care activities are. Yesterday we discussed the eight classifications of self care. Now we are going to go a little broader. Here are the three self care categories that we all do.

The Type Of Self Care That No one Likes To Talk About

We are going to get this self care category out of the way first. It’s one that we prefer not to acknowledge when the topic of self care gets brought up. Despite all that, this is the most important self care that you can do when you are struggling. It’s also the most basic form of self care. 

Some of the activities that can fit in this category are things like brushing your hair, taking your medicine, cleaning your room, and taking a shower. These are simple activities on any normal day, but when your having a bad mental health day, it can feel almost impossible. This category is easy to overlook because many people either don’t consider it self care, or they’re ashamed to admit that they haven’t cleaned or taken care of their physical hygiene. I’ve definitely been in the latter category. 

When you are having a bad mental health day shame likes to keep you company. Especially if you aren’t taken care of yourself. That is why things like self care kits can come in handy. Next time you are having a bad mental health day, remember to take care of yourself. Even if you can only do one of the things in this self care category, celebrate that. It’s repeated small wins like that that will get you out of this funk.

Self Care For Your Soul

Next up on the list of self care categories we have, what I like to call, self care for your soul. These are activities that are great for calming your mind, doing some much needed inner work, and personal growth. I love this category because most often it makes the most impact on my mood. It helps me reflect on what’s good in my life, and redirect my path if needed.

If anything in the paragraph above sounds good to you, you’ll want to try some of these activities.

  • Journaling
  • Breathing exercises
  • Reading a personal growth book
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Praying/meditating
  • Giving back

There are more activities where that comes from, but this is a good start. The best part is that, for the most part, these activities are free and don’t take a lot of time. Having little money or a busy day isn’t an excuse for why you don’t add self care to your day.

Treat Yo’ Self/Fun Self Care

I saved the last of the three self care categories for the one that is the most fun. I call this treat yo’ self self care. It’s what many people think of when you first mention self care. You could also consider it “me-time.” 

The first activities that come to mind when I think of this self care category are a fancy bubble bath, watching a movie, getting your nails done, and doing a face mask. What are some activities that you think of?

One thing to be wary of with this category is how often you are doing these activities. Most of them can cost money so that is definitely a factor. If you are trying to save money I would say that this is definitely a category you want to limit. Another option would be to adjust the activity. For example, instead of doing your nails at a salon, why not do it yourself? Those are just a few things to consider.

These are all very important to do. While you may want to reach for the wine and start a bubble bath, sometimes there are more important self care activities that should come first.  Realistically you should do a variety of these self care activities. Don’t limit yourself to just one category. Come back tomorrow for more self care talk.

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