Creating My 30 before 30 List

April 8, 2022

Recently I’ve been inspired to create a 30 before 30 list. I turn 30 in about a year and a half, although I much rather prefer to say I’m still 21. While the thought of turning 30 soon still freaks me out a little, I’m also excited to see what lies ahead in my 30s, and everything leading up to that big milestone. 

Before I share with you my list, I wanted to give some tips on how to create your 30 before 30 list. If you have been thinking of starting your list, or maybe you’re stuck coming up with ideas, I hope this post will inspire you to pen those goals and ambitions down.

30 before 30 list

5 Tips To Help You Create A 30 Before 30 List

1. Get Inspiration From Others

To get the ball rolling, hearing other people’s lists and doing a little pinning on Pinterest are great ways to start your list. Reading what’s on my 30 before 30 list could be that starting point for you.

2,Make Sure You Have A Mix of Simple & Fun and Challenging but Rewarding

While it’s fun to dream big and plan for all these great adventures, it’s also important to add some smaller items to the mix. You’ll be able to get the smaller ones done faster. Seeing things checked off might motivate you more to go after the bigger items on your list.

3, Think of the Main Areas of Your Life (Career, Social, Health, Spiritual, etc.)

Starting your list can be overwhelming but I’ve got a hack to help you get ideas flowing. Treat them like the goals you set each year. Think about items that can represent each area of your life. For example, you may put: attend a conference as a professional item and run a 5k as a health item. 

By thinking about those areas and coming up with a few things from each you’ll have your 30 things in no time.

4. Revisit Missed Opportunities

Have you made lists like this before? Or maybe you pinned a few ideas on Pinterest but never got back to it. Go back to those and see if there are any that you never did and you still want to do them. This method isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a ton of great ideas. However, it’s worth trying if you have a few more to add but can’t think of it.

5. Remember That It’s Okay To Take Your Time

At the end of the day this list is just meant for fun, so don’t put too much pressure to rush and find 30 things. It’s okay to take your time until inspiration strikes. It’s also okay if you can’t get 30 things, it’s also okay if you add more than 30 things. Make your list your own, and have fun with it!

30 before 30 list

My 30 Before 30 List

It took me returning to my list a few times to get my list complete. I’m satisfied with the result and I can’t wait to start marking things off! Are any of these on your list?

  1. Face a fear
  2. Go on a date
  3. Get front row tickets to a concert
  4. Reach my goal weight
  5. Create a planner
  6. Get published in a major publication/blog
  7. Visit Nashville, TN
  8. Get my license
  9. Go to a rage room
  10. Have a movie or show marathon
  11. Go to a Taylor Swift themed club night
  12. Tour a vineyard 
  13. Complete a photography challenge
  14. Go day drinking with friends
  15. Go for my subscription box idea
  16. Teach a REFIT® class
  17. Visit NYC during Christmas time
  18. Let my hairdresser do whatever they want to with my hair
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Win a dietbet
  21. Go on a hike
  22. Leave a big tip at a restaurant
  23. Meet Discord friends
  24. Write a book
  25. Go on a roadtrip with friends
  26. Have a spa day in a spa
  27. Do 30 random acts of kindness
  28. Create an emergency fund
  29. Learn how to make my own mixed drink
  30. Grow my own flowers


  1. Have my own apartment
  2. Visit California
  3. Read 50 books
  4. Ask a stranger for advice

I’ve got a little surprise if you have made it this far. I made a printable so that you can write down your own 30 before 30 list. You can sign up here to get yours, and you’ll have access to all my other freebies. Let me know what is on your 30 before 30 list down in the comments.

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