4 Types of Journaling

July 9, 2021

This is my favorite post from the week. Today I get to tell you about the different types of journaling! I’m passionate about them all for different reasons. I’ll be sharing what they are and how they can be beneficial to you. For today’s daily journal prompt you’ll get to choose, based on what type of journaling you want to try. Feel free to do them all if you’d like. Stick around until the end of the post for a major announcement before we close out this challenge.

journaling types

4 Types of Journaling

I’m convinced that there is a journaling type for every person. Here are the different types of journaling for you to try out. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Free Write

This is a type of journaling for people that either love journaling, or have a lot on their mind. All you do is open your journal and write. I do this the most often. Sometimes I get this big powerful breakthrough as a result, and sometimes I just get my day organized. It’s whatever decides to come out onto the paper.

Prompt Writing

If you are a beginner at journaling, I’d recommend you start here. Prompts are the best way to ease into journaling, or helpful if you don’t know what to write. You can get journal prompts from a variety of different places. My go-to is Pinterest, but there are also blog posts, and even books. You can choose a stand alone prompt, or participate in a journaling challenge. I like to do challenges because oftentimes they are centered around a certain theme, like self-love, summer, memories, etc..


I love doing gratitude journaling from time to time, especially if I’m feeling low. It helps ground you and remind you of the good things in life. You can list anything you are grateful for. I like to list three to five of them, but you can always list more. If you are stumped on what to write, think about the little things. The smell of your first cup of coffee, the flowers you see when you look outside, cuddling with your pets, all are great examples of small moments to be grateful for.

Sticker Journaling

I just discovered this form of journaling last year through TikTok. I love it because it gives more purpose to my sticker obsession. This type of journaling is great if you ever can’t think of what to write. What you do is pick a quote sticker then put it on the journal page.You write about what comes to mind when you read that quote.

What I’ve Been Wanting To Tell You

Now that you’ve got a good understanding about journaling, I think it’s time to tell you what I’ve been working on. Are you ready?

journaling types


That’s right, a physical journal! When I first started exploring blogging, I thought I would just stop at that. Slowly I started expanding my creativity to creating printables, ebooks, and even digital products. Creating a physical product was never on my radar, until I got the idea for this challenge. I talked myself out of it for the longest time, but I finally decided to go for it!

Right now I have two journals in my shop. More will be added, so let me know what kind of journals you’d like to see in the future. You can purchase the Breakthrough Is Coming journal here, and the Rose Journal here. I can’t wait to hear what you think! If you buy one, be sure to tag me on Instagram or TikTok so I can shout you out. 

I hope this week was beneficial for you and that you learned a lot. Journaling has made a huge difference in my life! I hope it helps you as well.

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