An Update

March 24, 2021

It’s been so long since I’ve put my fingers to this keyboard. This long break wasn’t my intention. I actually had some big plans for the start of 2021, but life had other plans. In today’s “welcome back” post, or whatever you want to call it. I wanted to give you an update on where I’ve been and a vision I have for getting more content to you again. 

Welcome back

First I just wanted to say I’m sorry for dropping off without a warning. Moving forward I want to do my best to ensure that never happens again. The past few months I have struggled more than I ever thought I would. 2020 was a rough year, I was looking forward to putting it behind me, but my problems made its way into the new year anyway.

Why I Disappeared From The Blog

Ever since November I’ve been battling awful headaches. Through the months following that I’ve seen many different doctors and gotten a variety of tests done. The good news is, everything came back clear. The bad news is I never really found out what was causing them. Over the past few weeks the severity of my headaches dramatically decreased, I’ve even had a few days without a headache!

In addition to my pain, my mental health was declining as well. I believe it was partially because my nerve medicine was messing with my depression medicine, and partially because I had found myself unemployed again and felt in a rut. I went months feeling apathetic at best and it was really starting to take a toll on me.

Now I hope you can see why I’ve been so silent. My health all around was preventing me from doing one of my true passions in life, writing. I’m not going to pretend that I’m 100% in the clear now, but I’ve felt good more on a consistent basis than I have in months. 

What’s next?

Now that I’m back in action I wanted to give you a peak into what I’m planning for us over the next few months. Here are some of the things you can expect.

  • 2 posts a week: Just like before, I plan on publishing one main post and one series, or special post a week. 
  • A new challenge: You know we love our challenges around here. Look out for a new challenge coming sometime next month. This is a challenge I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. I’m excited that the timing has finally worked out and I can bring it to you.
  • New freebies: I am starting to brainstorm ideas for more freebies for my VIP Buds. You can access our freebie library by joining my mailing list, I don’t spam – I promise. 
  • Physical products??? – I’m toying with the idea to start selling physical products. This isn’t a guarantee, but I will keep you updated if and when it becomes a reality.
  • You decide: I’m always looking to make content that will benefit my readers – that’s you. If you’d like to see any specific topic, freebie, or even product, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can do so in the comments or by dm-ing me on Instagram. 

I want to wrap this post up by apologizing again for disappearing the way I did. I value my readers and I know I should have clued you in sooner that I was going to be taking a break to deal with my medical issues. I’m back now and I can’t wait to continue this growth journey together. 

I’d love to know what you are most excited for in the coming months. New content, the new challenge, or do you have another idea in mind I should implement. Let me know in the comments.

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