Words That Shape Me: Because of Bethlehem

December 11, 2019

Welcome to the Words That Shape Me series! In this series I’ll be posting my thoughts and what I’ve learned about each book. The books I review will be ones that have had a huge impact on my life and books that I believe can change your life as well. Check out more of the Words That Shape Me series here.

Because of Bethlehem

Before the Christmas season even started, I knew I wanted to do things differently this year. I wanted to be more intentional in celebrating and digging into why Christmas even started in the first place. That is because of the birth of Jesus. I’m not saying that I never think about this each year, but I knew I could do better. I saw that the next Proverbs 31 study was going to be Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado. It was then that  I knew this was God telling me this is how I celebrate, and learn more about Jesus, His son.

I’m a little behind on the study so I haven’t completely finished the book. However, I still wanted to write about what I’m learning, and it will give you time to learn more about Christmas before the 25th, if you decide to purchase this book for yourself. 

The heart of the message in Because ofBethlehem, is the same message that God has taught us before Jesus, during Jesus’ time on Earth, and everyday after…


The author’s message in the book is to be still during the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season. Take time to realize and reflect on the significance of this day.

When Jesus was born, God wanted the people to be still and notice this miracle of our Savior. He gave up His one and only son for us so that we may be saved. (   )

In our day-to-day lives Jesus wants us to be still and know and trust the plans He has for your life. Look out for the everyday miracles He provides. 

In Because of Bethlehem, Max Lucado also includes a bonus Advent Devotional where the topics of hope, peace, joy, and love are discussed  in relation to the meaning of Christmas. After reading the majority of this book, and starting the Advent devotional, I can say that my soul has been refreshed each time I finish a chapter. This book was exactly what I needed to truly reflect on the reason for the season. I want to leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from Because of Bethlehem, so far, that describes why we celebrate this beautiful holiday.

3  Quotes from Because of Bethlehem

“He took on your face in the hope that you would see his.”

“He speaks through scriptures, sunsets, the kindness of a friend, or the warning of a medical report. He sings to us through Christmas carols. He calls to us through Christmas sermons. He reaches out through the Christmas story.”

“That knock at the door of your heart? That’s Jesus.

How do you take the time to be still during this busy time? Have you been participating in this Proverbs 31 online bible study? What have you loved about it? 

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