Lessons Learned From One Year of Blogging

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On this day one year ago Budding Joy was released out into the world. 53 posts, and one e-book, later we are still here. Whether you have been a reader from the start, or this is the first blog post you have read from me, I want to say thank you. Your time is valuable and it means the world to me that you take the time to read these posts. 

I hope that one or more of them has impacted you in some way. If they have I’d love to hear about it! You can email me or connect with me on Instagram and Facebook if you’d like to share. I will save the reminiscing of my favorite posts for social media this week. Today I want to share with you some blogging lessons I have learned this year through my experience that can be related to life in general. 

You will mess up, but that’s okay

My blogging journey has been a lot of trial and error, but isn’t life like that as well? We are all just doing the best we can. We learn and grow as we go. What is important is that we LEARN from our mistakes and figure out how to do better next time.

This time of year is the perfect time to evaluate. What can you work on now that you wanted to do all year long? How can you better prepare for next year? Forgive yourself for your mess-ups, then get back to improving your life.

It’s important to surround yourself with community

One of the biggest blogging lessons I learned was the value of community. Community is vital to staying strong in whatever endeavor you are going for. I am constantly learning new tips and getting advice from Facebook blogging groups, like Becoming A Blogger. These groups have allowed me to connect and collaborate with other bloggers, find help when I was stuck on something, and provide resources that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Find your community, whether in person or online, just be careful when sharing online, and you will have the support and guidance you need.  

If you want to improve, never stop learning

There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. It can be overwhelming at first, but I realized I didn’t need to be an expert right away. I have enjoyed learning more about this subject, and I’ve got plenty to still learn.

 If you look back at old posts you can clearly see improvement. That is because throughout this year from the start because I have never stopped learning and expanding my creativity. I have taken Udemy classes, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, and even read other blogs to gain knowledge in the area of blogging.

What skill or knowledge can you learn to be the best you can be in your career or hobby? Make it a goal to prioritize this.

Consistency is key, a lesson to take into 2020

As I have mentioned, I’ve made some mistakes this year. Consistency is a big area I lacked. It was part bad time-management, part not planning thoroughly, and part lacking the resources I needed, like WiFi in the beginning. This upcoming year I am making it a point to plan in advance and stick to a content calendar. My consistency will drastically improve if I do these things.

What area of your life do you need to be more consistent in? Make a plan now to put this into action.

I can’t wait to see how this blog will grow in 2020, and what blogging lessons I’ll learn next. I’m looking forward to more series and challenges, more guest posts, more fun collaborations, and of course more growth. Thank you for going on this amazing journey with me. I’d love to know what content you’d like more of. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments or email me your requests. Here is to many more years of Budding Joy!

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9 Responses

  1. Amber says:

    Great read! I’ve been resolving to be more consistent in my own blog; I really got lax when my daughter was born! Cheers to the journey!

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve learned similar lessons since I’ve started blogging. Here’s to a successful 2020!

  3. Matilda says:

    One year is such an awesome milestone! Congratulations <3

  4. Jo says:

    It’s so important to keep in learning! Fabulous post x

  5. Gabi says:

    Thanks for these tips!! I love blogging and it’s nice to know other bloggers 🥰🥰

  6. Morgan says:

    What a great post! Today is actually my one year blogging too! I totally agree with everything you mentioned here ☺

  7. Allison says:

    Totally agree with all of these!

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