Finding Joy in Bullet Journaling

December 20, 2018KellyC123

Welcome to the Finding Joy series! Here I will be sharing activities that help me to find joy in my life despite whatever my current situation may be. My hope is that you can also find joy in your life. Whether it be through any of these activities I share, or hobbies and experiences that you love. Want more Finding Joy? Check them out how thankfulness and music brings me joy.

You know you are obsessed with planning when it literally calms you and brings you joy. I don’t remember how I found out about bullet journaling, but I do remember jumping right into it. I spent hours on Pinterest and online researching the bullet journal method and gathering inspiration for spreads. Pretty soon I found myself setting up my very first bullet journal almost a year ago.

I learned so much in my first year of bullet journaling. This next year I’ve got even bigger plans for my second one. This year I basically had two planners, a store bought one and my bullet journal. In 2019 I’m making the move to put everything in one.


That’s the only word that can describe how I feel when spending time in my bullet journal. There is just something so peaceful about sitting down at my desk, putting on some music, and working in it. It’s like I’m in my own little world.

As I am writing this I am currently in the brainstorm process of my 2019 journal. This year My theme for each month was flowers. Each title page had that month’s flower. The rest of my journal I kept pretty minimal but I’m excited to mix it up next year.

If you want to learn about the bullet journal method check out Ryder’s website. He is the creator of this method and has recently just wrote a book about it. I have also learned quite a bit from Boho Berry, The Petite Planner, and Amanda Rach Lee.

Do you have a bullet journal? I’d love to hear how you discovered this method! If you’d like to see how my 2019 bullet journal turns out be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’ll be sharing my process there.  For now, I’ll be sharing with you my goal setting method right here tomorrow.

I’m getting you prepped and ready for 2019. Keep up with the whole Plan Week series here:

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