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  • New year priorities

    19 Priorities for 2019 Pt. 2

    As we wrap up 2018 today let’s also set our final priorities for 2019. Here are priorities 10-19 that I will be focusing on in the new year.

  • 19 Priorities for 2019 Pt.1

    The year is coming to a close as we now shift our focus to our plans for the upcoming year. Here is part one of the 19 priorities I’m making in 2019.

  • Plan Your Week in 3 Simple Steps

    In the final day of Plan Week I am showing you my weekly prep routine. This routine will vary, but the core of the steps everyone can relate to.

  • 6 Keys To Monthly Prep

    A great month starts with a thorough setup and planning session. Join me in day 6 of Plan Week as I show you what I do for monthly prep.

  • SMART Goal Setting in 4 Steps

    In order to reach the goals you set you need to do more than just think about them. Here is my goal setting method that I will be using in the new year.