Love Yourself 2020 Challenge

I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new challenge! Welcome to the Love Myself 2020 challenge. Myself, along with Sam from Here I Mum Again, Morgan from Chica Confident, Jessica from Sweet & Spicy Essentials, Katie from Between The Lines and Ruth from Colourful Hope

It’s time we start caring for ourselves and showing ourselves love because we are worthy of that.  If you can’t read that sentence in full confidence that you believe that for yourself, it’s okay. We are going to work on that! Through the Love Myself 2020 Challenge, we will be doing the work to discovering our self-worth and self-love through journaling. One of the best ways to show yourself love is by taking care of yourself. Self-care is vitally important so we will be adding that into the challenge as well.

Following along in the challenge is easy. To find out how read the introduction post. Then tag us on social media so we can cheer you on throughout the whole month!

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