5 Ways To Create A Christmas-Themed Workout

5 Ways To Create a Christmas-Themed Workout

December 2, 2020KellyC123

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I am convinced that working out is more fun when it’s festive. After reading this post I’m betting you will agree with me. There are many different ways to infuse Christmas into your workout. Whether you need a little extra motivation to workout this time of year, or you just really love Christmas like I do, these are tips that will have you Jingle Bell Rocking over to your yoga mat. Here are my favorite tips on how to have a Christmas-themed workout.

Playing Christmas Music

By now you know how happy Christmas music makes me. For a simple way to infuse Christmas cheer in your workout try either finding, or making a Christmas-themed workout playlist. There are so many upbeat Christmas songs that would be great for your warm-up and main workout. Likewise, the slower Christmas songs would be great for yoga, cool downs, and stretching. To get started on creating your own Christmas-themed workout playlist check out the Blogmas 2020 playlist.

Wearing Christmas-Themed Workout Clothes

It’s time to bring out those Christmas leggings, or any red and/or green workout gear you have. This is a great way to look and feel festive while you are working out. I’ve been looking on Amazon to find some cute pieces. This is one of my favorites. I also like this pair, because I can wear it past Christmas in the winter.

Do A Workout Challenge To A Christmas Movie

For an extra little push, why not do a bonus challenge? While watching your favorite Christmas movie get moving by creating a workout challenge. I made one for you here. There are also some you can find on Pinterest as well. If you choose to do this workout, just remember, I am not a trainer. It is best to get advice from a trained professional or doctor before doing any exercise. 

Christmas movie workout

Festive Dancing Videos

I love dancing and I love Christmas music. Combining them both sounds like a great time to me. If you also enjoy dance fitness, here are a few of my favorites. This is a great way to either start a Christmas-themed workout or as a main workout.

Choose A Christmas-Themed Workout Video

There are so many people in the fitness world that have free workouts on YouTube. I love when they upload Christmas-themed workouts. From the festive space to the fun Christmas-themed workout moves. I love it all. Next time you are on YouTube or Pinterest do a search to see what type of Christmas-themed workouts you can find. Here are a few to get you started.

Now you have all the inspiration you need to make your workout a little more festive. Which one are you the most excited to try?

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