5 Excuses You Give For Not Going To The Gym

January 8, 2020

And One Reason Why You Should Workout Anyway

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Let’s be honest, getting the motivation to go to the gym and workout can be difficult any time of the year. However, it’s especially difficult during the winter. Sure the beginning of the year you are running off the fire in your soul that is new year’s resolutions, but what happens when that fire burns out? 

This is the critical time where you must make a decision not to let your excuses take over. Sadly we do this more often than I’m sure we’d all like to admit. How many excuses for not going to the gym are you guilty of?

  • It’s too far away: Maybe you live in a place that has few gyms, if any at all. It’s much easier to tell yourself that an extra 20 minutes of sleep would be a lot better for you than driving 20 minutes to get to the gym.
  • It’s too crowded: Whether you live in a heavily-populated area, or it’s the beginning of the year and everyone is at the gym, gyms can get crowded.
  • I’m not confident enough: It’s easy to feel discouraged when you’re next to a gym pro while you have no idea what you are doing. 
  • It’s too cold/bad weather: bad weather is a given for most places this time of year. There is no need to risk hurting yourself, or others, while driving in the snow and ice just to get to the gym.
  • I don’t know what to do there: There are so many machines. How do you pick which one to use, and how do you even work these things anyways?
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I Have Something To Admit…

I haven’t been to the gym in four years.


Before you click out of here wondering why I’ve wasted your time, let me tell you what I’ve been doing these past four years instead.


And you can too. When you think about it, working out at home eliminates any excuses for not going to the gym, that you can come up with, unless of course you are sick in that case listen to your body and rest if you need to. 

  • It’s too far away. You are already there so you can do it at any time.
  • It’s too crowded. You are the only one there, unless your family is there with you.
  • I’m not confident enough. Again you are the only one there so you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone.
  • It’s too cold/hot/bad weather. Adjust your thermostat, heater, air conditioner, open or close a window, you have options here.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing. You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out machines, and you don’t even need equipment. Pinterest and Youtube are your friends if you need ideas.
  • BONUS EXCUSE: I don’t have enough room. There are ways around this as well. Do a Google or Pinterest search on apartment-friendly workouts and you’ll find ones you can do.

Now that all of the excuses for not going to the gym have been eliminated,, it’s time to get your workout on. Join a challenge, find a program, dance around in your living room, there are so many options for you. Your job is to figure out which ones work for you. If you want to see more benefits of working out at home, check out this article. If this post inspired you in any way share it with your friends, keep each other accountable in this new year!

*Disclaimer: You should always consult a doctor before participating in any exercise or program. I am by no means a professional. All advice given on this blog comes from my personal experience in my own weight loss journey and is intended for informational purposes only.

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