Christmas Music

Finding Joy In Christmas Music

December 5, 2020KellyC123

Welcome to the Finding Joy series! Here I will be sharing activities that help me to find joy in my life despite whatever my current situation may be. My hope is that you can also find joy in your life. Whether it be through any of these activities I share, or hobbies and experiences that you love.

We are moving right along with 12 Days of Blogmas. Today I’m sharing my part of all the Christmas Festivities… CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! 

Christmas music

Listening to Christmas music brings me so much joy! You can assume that I am one of those people that start listening to Christmas music as soon as it turns November. I will always proudly admit that, but I know that isn’t for everyone. 

Since it is past Thanksgiving I’m sure you are all listening to Christmas music now, so that is what this post is full of. I’ve even created a Blogmas 2020 playlist for you to enjoy all December long, and even after if you’d like. Here are my top 10 Christmas songs, in no particular order. There is much more where that came from on the Spotify playlist. Consider this a sneak peak.

  1.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – NSYNC: This is my favorite NSYNC Christmas song. It’s usually one of the first songs I’ll play when I start listening to Christmas music.
  1. Where Are You Christmas – Faith Hill: This song is just so pretty, and it reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas movies.
  1. Christmas Tree Farm: Even though I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, I’ll admit this wasn’t my favorite when it first came out. It started growing on me throughout the Christmas season last year. This year it’s been the song that gets stuck in my head the most.
  1. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree: You know I had to include the Christmas classics. This is my favorite classic Christmas song. What is yours?
  1. What Christmas Means To Me: I was obsessed with this song when it first came out. It’s still clearly one of my favorite songs this time of year.
  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: A Michael Buble song is a must on a top 10 Christmas music list. This is one of my favorites of his.
  1. Holly Jolly Christmas: Another classic Christmas song. Such a fun reminder of why Christmas is a joyful holiday.
  1. Like Christmas: After listening to this song I was fully convinced that a Jonas Brother’s Christmas album needs to be a thing in the future. We didn’t get one this year, but hopefully one year this dream will come true.
  1.  Silent Night: Christmas music that tell the true story of Christmas are so important. It’s easy to get caught up in the worldly meanings, and activities. We can’t forget about the true reason for the season, and that is the birth of Jesus.  
  1.  All I Want For Christmas Is You: Is this song ever not on a top Christmas song list? I’ve never seen such a list. It’s the best song to turn up loud and dance to.

There are so many more I wanted to add to the list but I’ll leave them for the Spotify playlist. I hope you are enjoying 12 Days of Blogmas so far. After you listen to the playlist come back to this post and tell me your favorite Christmas song. There is also a message in the playlist. Did you figure it out?

Christmas music playlist

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