Finding Joy Listening To Music

November 7, 2018KellyC123

Welcome to the Finding Joy series! Here I will be sharing activities that help me to find joy in my life despite whatever my current situation may be. My hope is that you can also find joy in your life. Whether it be through any of these activities I share, or hobbies and experiences that you love.

listening to music

Have you ever turned on the radio or hit shuffle on your playlist and, to your surprise, the sounds coming from the speakers are the lyrics that you need to hear in that exact moment? I’ve had this happen on multiple occasions. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I smile, and sometimes I have no clue what emotion I’m experiencing.

This happened to me so many times that I decided to create a happy playlist on Spotify. Let me tell you it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! This playlist has impacted my mood so many times and has gotten me through some major bad seasons.

Since I’ve told you about my playlist I thought it would be fitting to share a few of my go-to songs.

When I need to smile

When I need a reminder that I won’t be single forever 

When I need to remember how God sees me

When I need a reminder that God is always with me

When I need a confidence boost

When life just really sucks

When I need a reminder that I am stronger than I think I am

When I need to know that this season won’t last forever

This is just a small sampling of what my playlist consists of. As you can see it’s a huge variety of different genres and messages. That’s what makes it so unique. I hope you discovered a new song from this list.

Do you have a happy playlist? What songs help you cope with what you are going through?

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