How To Start 2021 Hopeful, Despite The Year We’ve Had

December 20, 2020

How is it not only the last day of Plan Week, but only 12 more days until 2021?!!! I wanted to close out Plan Week this year by giving you some tips on how to mentally prepare for 2021. This is all about being hopeful for 2021.

hopeful for 2021

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 was the year that no one expected. When it comes to moving on to 2021, most people have one of two opinions. You are either thinking that 2021 is going to be a complete reset, or you are thinking it is pointless to look forward to 2021, given everything that happened this year. No matter what category you fall under, you are wrong. I mean that in the nicest way possible, just hear me out. 

It would do us a disservice to think that as soon as midnight comes everything will just magically get better. However, we shouldn’t let what happened this year dictate our hope for the new year. You can still set goals, make plans, and look forward to the new year. It’s just going to look different this year. Here are some tips you can use to start 2021 out hopeful. 

Be Flexible & Creative

We obviously didn’t expect 2020 to turn out the way it did. So if you had traveling more as one of your goals this year, that’s okay. You didn’t know what 2020 had in store for us. Just maybe don’t put that as a goal for next year. What you can do is maybe bring the place you wanted to travel to, to you. It will take a bit of planning, and it won’t be the same, but it’s something. Right?

Another example would be something like a 5k. If you want to put running a 5k as a goal, that sounds great! Instead of going to a big event, you would just have to do a virtual 5k. We don’t know how much longer the pandemic will be, so the point is to be realistic, and get creative. You can still set goals, but just remember you may have to change them up a bit, and be okay with that.

Acknowledge The Limitations

This is similar to the first point. The only difference is there will clearly be some goals you may want to set, but can’t realistically achieve them, due to pandemic limitations. You’ll have to think through the goals you want to set, and experiences you want to have, a little more this year. Don’t completely give up on setting goals though.

Set Goals You Never Considered

While the pandemic was had a lot of downsides, there are also some positives worth noting. Were you able to spend more time with your kids? Pick up a new hobby? Or maybe you had more time to focus on your side hustle?

Keeping that in mind, think of some new goals to set in 2021. Have you found that you enjoy baking now? Make it a goal to bake __ amount of new recipes in 2021. If you have started reading more, take on a reading challenge. Take advantage of the new interests you have developed this year and expand them in the new year.

Get Your Mindset In The Right Place

It’s easy to stay in a negative mindset, but that’s not how we want to start the new year. Pandemic, or not, it’s important to start the new year off in a positive mindset. This gives you a fighting chance to make the new year, your year. We have to keep the hope, despite how this year turned out.

Pray About It

If you are struggling feeling hopeful, determining what goals to set, and really anything else, it’s helpful to pray. Seeking God’s direction will clear your path, and one step at a time, you’ll gain clarity. It could come in a Bible verse, a word to focus on, a sermon, or even a conversation with a friend. 

Follow these tips and you should feel a lot more hopeful for 2021. That concludes Plan Week 2020. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, even though it may have to be virtual. Let me know what your favorite post was this week and what you are looking forward to in 2021. Let’s discuss in the comments.

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