Journaling Testimonies To Inspire You To Start Journaling

July 4, 2021

So far this week I’ve been showing you the many different sides and benefits of journaling. Today I wanted to share my story and highlight some other journaling testimonies. We all have a unique story to tell about how journaling impacts us. Hopefully you are able to see a little of yourself in one of us. This will give you a glimpse into how journaling can impact your life.

journaling testimonies

My Journaling Story

Even though I have been writing for most of my life, I wasn’t journaling for most of it. In fact, I didn’t start seriously journaling until about 2016 or 2017. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for years now. After graduating college I didn’t have access to a counselor or therapist, so I started journaling. It was my safe place to work through what I was feeling. It was also the place I’d go to to celebrate a good day or a fun moment. I try to journal everyday, but sometimes I’ll only write something once a week. It all just depends on what is going on in my life. 

Laura’s Story

Laura has been journaling for about 12-13 years ago. She started journaling so that people would listen to what she had to say. She takes her journal entries and turns them into beautiful poems. For Laura,  journaling isn’t about perfection, she writes whatever comes to her. When she can’t think of what to write she turns to Pinterest to find journal prompts.

“I love that there’s no perfection or performance involved. I’m a perfectionist, but I can’t let it go when I’m journaling. Ink blots and scribbles are part of the process.”

Tessa’s Story

Tessa has been using journaling as a way to document the experiences she has volunteering at her church. This is something special that her and her family will be able to look back on for years to come. She has been journaling consistently for nine months during this time of volunteering. When Alyssa isn’t sure what to write about she likes to write down one miracle that she saw that day. 

“My favorite thing about journaling is being able to see the change in myself as I read back on old entries compared to what I’m like in the present.”

Just like the three of our journaling testimonies, you will have a journaling story, if you don’t already. Maybe journaling will help you process some tough feelings, or be a way to document a special time in your life. Whatever your reason to start journaling is, I hope you do start. Tomorrow I’m going to give you a few more tips and best practices before we start to wrap this challenge up.I can’t believe we are over halfway through the Journaling 101 Challenge! I hope these posts have helped you reframe your thoughts on journaling. 

I’ve got a big surprise coming your way soon! I can’t wait to share the news with you all! Don’t forget to check out today’s daily journal prompt and come back here tomorrow for more journaling fun!

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