6 Keys To Monthly Prep

December 22, 2018KellyC123

 I’m getting you prepped and ready for 2019. Keep up with the whole series here:

This year I’ve started doing a monthly prep routine that I thought would be perfect to share with you during Plan Week. I usually split up this prep work throughout the last week of the month, about an hour each day. You could also dedicate a whole day to prepping for the month ahead if that works better for you.

Set Goals

You know I had to put this in this blog post, it is Plan Week after all. In all seriousness though, setting goals ahead of time will help you know what to focus on and what you want to achieve in the month ahead. I usually have about six to eight of them each month. However, you can set as many, or as little, goals as you want.

Create A Way to Track Your Goals/Habits

I have a habit tracker that I use in my bullet journal to help me keep track of the habits I am trying to form. More often than not these habits fall in line with my goals also. You can track your own even if you don’t have a bullet journal. Some ways to do that are with a sticky note or piece of paper, your planner, or even through an app.

Plan Exercise Routine

I try to at least create the outlines for my workouts each week before the upcoming month. I constantly switch up my workout routine whether it’s me creating them or I’m following a program. I set my workout plan up in my weight loss binder and refer back to it at the end of each week to make necessary changes.

Let me know in the comments how you plan your exercise routine.

Plan Blog Content

I have so many ideas and fun series like this one coming to you because I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for so long. So at the end of each month I have been creating a content calendar for the blog to plan out what posts I want to do when.

If you don’t have a blog you can still add this step to your monthly prep. Just swap out the blog work for any side hustle, hobby, or career projects that need to be planned out.

Set Up Monthly Spend Log & Paycheck at a Glance

Getting better with my finances is a major goal of mine next year. I have started creating spending logs and a bill tracker. This has helped a little but I’m ready for more. Every month I plan on revising my budget until I find a great fit. If you are working on better finances this year try this out with me in 2019.

Create Bullet Journal Monthly Layout

If you haven’t realized it by now I am obsessed with bullet journaling. My monthly layout this year consisted of a cover page, monthly calendar and goals, as well as my habit trackers.

If you aren’t into bullet journaling this step can be going over the events and goals you have in the upcoming month.

There you have it. This is the routine that I have come up with to start my month on the right foot. I do this at the end of each month and I believe it saves me so much time and confusion by doing this prep work ahead of time. Do you have a monthly routine? I’d love to hear what you do to set your month up! Tell us in the comments below.

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