One Day I Won’t Have To Start Over

November 2, 2020
Start over

One day I won’t have to start over.

One day I won’t look in the mirror and wonder what it’s going to take for me to finally look the way I’ve always wanted to look.

One day I’ll be satisfied with eating a salad for lunch.

One day I’ll wake up excited, or at least motivated to work out.

One day I won’t get nervous going to the doctor, hoping I won’t have to confront the fact that I’ve gained weight again.

One day I’ll be able to confidently do hard exercises like burpees and lunge jumps.

One day I’ll not feel stupid for having to argue with myself to walk away from the snack aisle in the grocery store. 

One day I won’t stare at all the wasted healthy food in my refrigerator from the meal plan I said I was going to follow this week.

One day I’ll get excited when I step on the scale or measure myself again.

One day I’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and going to amusement parks with friends.

One day I’ll feel happy in the body I’m in.

One day I’ll be proud of all I’ve accomplished at the end of the month.

One day I won’t have to start over.

start over

Until one day gets here, here is what I’m going to do right now…

I’m going to continue to try each new month, new week, new day that comes my way.

I’m going to continue making meal plans in the hopes that there will come a week when I start following them.

I’m going to continue to try hard exercises to set a baseline for the progress that will come.

I’m going to continue to celebrate small wins, like sticking to my grocery list, losing a few inches in a month, upping my weights or plank time, etc..

I’m going to continue to work hard in counseling and learn to accept & love myself right where I am, while acknowledging the progress I’m striving to make.

I’m going to continue to give myself grace for all my past, current, and future mess-ups. 

One day I’ll come across my last new starting point. Because of that I’m going to treat each new starting point as my last. I won’t know if this is it unless I go for it fully. 

If you are finding yourself like me today, starting your number ___ attempt at losing weight/becoming healthier/breaking a bad habit, whatever you are trying to accomplish, I hope that you treat this as your last starting point. Go all in and give it your best shot. Put the past failures behind you, and don’t focus on the future, because this may be the one day you’ve been hoping for. 

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