New to personal development? Here are 5 ways to include it In your morning routine

July 25, 2019
personal development

Personal development is a vague term. If you are new to the subject it may be hard to know exactly where to start and how to get the most out of it. While I am not an expert in the subject, I’ve learned a lot by practicing personal development in the past three years. Including personal development in your morning routine is a great way to make sure you take that time to grow your mind without taking away more time from your busy schedule. Before we get to how to practice it in your morning routine let’s take a step back and see what personal development means.

What Is Personal Development                                        

I like to describe it as any activity that helps you build your skills and/or inspires you to better yourself. There are so many activities that can qualify as personal development. I like to switch up my personal development time. I usually try to do one or two of these activities below each morning. 

  • Read/listen to a book: There are so many books to choose from. You can opt for a book on your specific skill-set or career, or you can read about life skills like productivity, time-management, etc… is If you don’t have time to sit down and read a book listening to an audio book is a great option. 
  • Watch a YouTube video: I knew YouTube had tons of videos, but I never thought about using it for personal development. That is until a year or two ago. You can watch speeches, interviews from your favorite authors, and even vlogs.
  • Listen to a podcast: I was late getting into the podcasts but once I started a whole new world opened up for me. There is a podcast for pretty much any subject you can think of. You can also find an app for any device you have.
  • Take an online class: Whether you don’t have any extra time to continue to develop your skills, or your like me and are trying to keep on top of what you’ve previously learned while you are in a transition, taking an online class can be a great solution. Two popular sites to do this is through Udemy and Skill Share.
  • Practice your skills/hobbies: Do you wish you had more time to paint, practice speech making, write, etc.? Including skills and hobbies in your morning routine can help you make the time to do them
personal development

My Favorites

Personal Development has become an important part of my morning routine. It’s especiall important on days where I am struggling with depression. The right book, podcast, video, etc. can help me lift my spirits. Do you currently practice personal development? What are your favorite activities?

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