What’s your relationship with yourself?

February 12, 2019

What is your relationship with yourself?

It’s easy to glance over the question and answer great, or maybe you are ignoring it completely, or greeting it with an eye-roll. I was definitely in the last two categories at one point in my life. I never really understood why you need a relationship with yourself and what even does that look like? Now I know what self-love means, but that doesn’t mean I’ve truly embraced this concept.

The truth is I struggle with loving myself. I tend to ignore the self- love and “describe your personality” questions because if I’m being fully transparent here, more often than not, I don’t love myself. This is a problem I need to work on. I’m willing to bet there are others who feel the same way I do. If that is you keep reading on because I think you’ll love what I’m about to announce. In the season where love is on the brain, I wanted a way to focus on improving my self-love, and help others do the same. So allow me to introduce you to the 2019 Selfie Love Challenge.

What is the Selfie Love Challenge?

In this two week challenge I’ve teamed up with two other bloggers from My Bipolar Mind and Steph by Steph to bring you daily challenges to help establish a daily self-care and self-love practice. Self-care is included in this challenge because I believe taking care of yourself is the best form of love you can give to yourself. Throughout the two weeks the three of us will also be bringing you blog posts on the subject of self-love and self-care along with the daily challenges.

How does the challenge work?

STEP 1: Grab this FREE Selfie Love printable. You can download it by subscribing to my blog.

STEP 2: Print it out and take a selfie with it. Be sure to tag us (@buddingjoyblog.lsf, @stephbysteph_blog, @ssteiner1986) and use the hashtag #selfielove2019 so we know you are joining us

STEP 3: Visit My Bipolar Mind and Steph by Steph and subscribe to their blogs so you can stay updated with their posts during the selfie love challenge.

STEP 4: Each day check out our social medias to see what the suggested daily task is. You can choose to do that, an activity mentioned in the printable, or a self-care or self-love activity of your own. Once you completed it fill in the corresponding place on the printable that matches the day and check in and tell us what you are doing by tagging us and using the hashtag #selfielove2019

STEP 5: At the end of the two weeks take a final selfie with your completed printable and share on your social media what you thought about this challenge. Tag us and use the hashtag #selfielove 2019 so we can cheer you on for completing the challenge.

Get ready because the challenge kicks off on Thursday February 14th. If you have any questions about the challenge let me know in the comments so I can answer them. Share this article with your friends and let them know you are joining the Selfie Love Challenge.

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