Finding Hope In Any Situation (especially COVID-19)

April 9, 2020

What a strange time we are living in right now. We are all confined to our house and some of us are out of work, while others are overworked. Everyday we hear of new cases of the coronavirus and deaths. This pandemic has taken over our newsfeeds, and our lives really. The whole world is being affected by it. No one is immune from either carrying it or actually having the virus. There is an endless amount of fear overtaking us, with rightful reason, but there is something else we have access to, hope. Yes, there is a way you can stay hopeful during COVID-19.

At this point you are probably asking, “how can we stay hopeful during the COVID-19 pandemic?” Today I wanted to share my thoughts and reactions to this pandemic. As well as how I’m choosing to be hopeful instead of fearful, well most of the time at least.

hope during covid

Thoughts I’ve Had During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. The power of technology: It’s weird how fast our view of technology can flip. I had a love/hate relationship with technology before. I obviously loved all that we are able to do and accomplish with it. I didn’t love how disconnected it made us feel in-person. Now we are depending on technology to keep us connected. We are using it to work from home, stay in touch with friends, help kids with school work, and more. This is the time where technology is shining for the good it does.
  2. Appreciation for those who don’t get it enough: Without nurses, doctors, teachers, grocery store workers, and fast-food workers we wouldn’t have the little resources we have now. The nurses and doctors are working tirelessly on the front lines to treat and prevent further spread of this virus. Teachers are doing their best to help students and parents  transition to online & at-home learning. Grocery store and fast food workers are risking their lives to stay open so that we have access to the food and supplies we need. These are just some of the professions that deserve enormous appreciation for all they are doing during this time.
  3. Humor helps: There are so many memes and parodies circling around social media about the coronavirus. While it may seem that people aren’t taking this situation seriously, and maybe some fall into this category, I believe it’s more about lifting spirits. If we can spend our time laughing as we relate to each other, maybe the fear won’t overtake us.
  4. What is this world going to look like when this is all behind us: Our lives changed drastically within a matter of weeks, or even days. I have caught myself wondering what is going to happen when life gets back to normal. It will get back to normal someday.
    •  I picture the relief that small businesses will feel when they are able to put that open sign back on their door for the first time. 
    • I picture the emotions we will all feel when physically reuniting with family and friends.
    • I picture how powerful that first Sunday back in church (physically) will feel
    • I picture life being breathed back into communities as we will be able to go places again.

How I Am Staying Hopeful During This Pandemic

COVID-19 has redefined what our life looks like during this time, but there is something, or someone, that is even more powerful than this pandemic. That something is hope and that someone is Jesus. 

I have experienced Jesus pulling me through tough times before. He’s gotten me through my lowest points in life. I had basically given up on myself and the belief that my life could get better. If He got me through that I know He’ll get me through this scary, unknown season. That is how I’m staying hopeful during COVID-19.

I’m not saying that I never worry, I am only human after all. My heart breaks for anyone that has been affected by this virus in any way. I still get fearful when I think about what would happen if me, or any of my family and friends were to get it.

What I am saying is that placing my hope in Jesus, and remembering what He’s done in my life, helps to ease that worry. When I feel my hope start to weaken I turn to my church and Bible groups. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel  that my church livestreams the worship experiences each week. The leaders have done an amazing job at keeping our community plugged in throughout this season. Being able to still “attend” church and meet, virtually of course, with my new friends each week has filled my cup higher than I ever thought it could be filled before.

There have been so many times where I feel hopeless before the service starts. Then after the sermon has finished my hope has been restored. I know this weekend will be no exception as it is Easter weekend, if you are reading this when it goes live. There is no better needed time to have hope, than right now during so much uncertainty and fear. If you want to hear more about my faith and how it has impacted my journey through difficult seasons, like depression, you’ll want to check out this post about seasons, if you haven’t already. 

I’d encourage you to see if your church is doing a livestream this weekend. If you need a place to experience Easter this weekend, check out Elevation Church on Sunday.

The hope I find in Jesus is what is getting me through the coronavirus pandemic. What is helping you stay hopeful during COVID-19? Whatever it is I just want to say that I hope you are staying safe, and staying at home.

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