Journey To 150: Strong Girl Summer

May 9, 2021

It’s been a while since I filmed for my vlog challenge, since the beginning of the year actually. I’ve shared a bit of why I took an unintentional break in a previous post. In addition to the health problems I have been having I have also been going through a season of depression. 

As I work through all of this, I am fighting to get my life, and mindset, back to normal. This 90 day challenge that I’m about to talk about was supposed to start last month. I didn’t give it a real shot with everything going on, so I’m starting over. I’m still not at 100% yet. I’m hoping that i’ll stay more accountable by documenting everything through this vlog. I’ll be posting updates every other week. 

I’m calling this 90 day challenge “Strong Girl Summer” because it is about more than my physical health. I also want to get mentally strong, emotionally strong, and spiritually strong. I talk more about these aspects in the vlog, but here is a quick preview for you. This is my plan for Strong Girl Summer.

  • Physically Strong: This is the biggest focus in this challenge. My plan is to find a 30 day challenge to complete each month, get 7 hours of sleep, and try to do better with my nutrition. I’ll be using my Wellness Binder and this 90 Day Journal from Blogilaties to keep track of everything.
  • Mentally Strong: Growing my mind has always been important to me, but I haven’t made much time for it lately. During this challenge I plan to read one personal development book a month and take certifications that will help me improve my skills.
  • Emotionally Strong: As I mentioned before, I’m going through a season of depression. This one has been particularly hard to get out of, but I plan to fight to get better. I’ll do this by prioritizing journaling more and finding a therapist to start seeing. I’m also currently working with my doctor to see how we can adjust my medication.
  • Spiritually Strong: I haven’t been reading my Bible much lately. That may be the missing piece to the puzzle of why I can’t seem to get out of this funk. So I’m going to get back to my Bible In A Year Bible Study, and start reading a daily devotional.

Check out the new vlog episode to hear more of where I’ve been and what my plans are with this 90 Day Journey.

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional and therefore can only speak from my ability and my experiences. You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or fitness routine. I am not responsible for any action you take from this post.

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