Do The Things That Challenge You: My Summer Shape Up Experience

November 4, 2018KellyC123
summer shape up 2018

In July I started something that I never thought I’d do. I participated in an eight-week challenge called the Summer Shape Up Series. This challenge was created by Katie Dunlap, the creator of Love Sweat Fitness. Before I get into what I learned during the Summer Shape Up let me back up and tell you how I found out about Love Sweat Fitness and why doing this challenge was unexpected to me.

After a few weeks of frustration, and nearly giving up on my weight loss journey. I found myself on the Love Sweat Fitness YouTube page. I did the week-long Motivation Challenge. Once she announced the Summer Shape Up Challenge I figured why not try it? It was free, and I could possibly win a trip to Mexico so what was there to lose? Looking back, I am glad I took that leap because it was a turning point in my weight loss journey and I learned many lessons in those eight weeks. Here are a few of those lessons.

 If you want a breakthrough you must try new things.

Before the Summer Shape Up Series I had been stuck in a weight-loss plateau. While I know numbers aren’t everything, I wasn’t making much progress in other areas either. I was looking for a breakthrough. I got one in the most unexpected way at the perfect time.  It was unexpected because workout videos have never been my jam. I’m much comfortable turning up the music and doing my own thing. Did you catch what I said there? COMFORTABLE!!! No wonder why I was stuck in a plateau! It was important that I got out of that comfort zone and jumped into this new challenge. The lesson: take that leap you’ve been thinking about, you never know it might just change your life.

You are stronger than you think

Throughout this challenge there were many exercises that I never would have attempted due to the difficulty of them. Coming into this challenge I had an open mind and decided I would try everything. When I determined it was too difficult I didn’t just give up. Instead, I tried to come up with modifications that I could do. There ended up being some exercises that I actually could do! I can’t tell you how excited and stronger I felt after realizing I could, in fact, do a different exercise. The lesson: You never know what you can do unless you try it.

When making big changes community is everything

If I were to describe the Summer Shape Up in one word it would be COMMUNITY. The community that is Team LSF(link to insta) was everything to me in those eight weeks and even still after. This all takes place on Instagram and Facebook. Let me tell you, seeing your feed filled constantly with people going through the same journey as you are is the best motivation and inspiration on the toughest days. I’m so grateful for the community that Katie has facilitated in this way. It was my favorite part of the challenge. The lesson: When going through major life changes/challenges surround yourself with motivating people that have been where you are or going through the same journey.

 Believe you can do anything and you are halfway there

I know that sounds cheesy, but it needed to be said. This challenge was new territory for me. I made a promise to myself that I would give it my all. Give it my all is exactly what I did. That is what I’m most proud of. Regardless of the workouts, I accomplished or progress that was made, I am most proud of the fact that I didn’t give up. Lesson: Stick with the promises you make to yourself.

Like many things in life; it’s the journey that means the most

There were amazing prizes that were given away at the end of the challenge. While that was exciting to anticipate who was going to win, and hoping it would be me, that wasn’t why I joined. My main goal of doing the Summer Shape Up was to get out of my plateau and get my passion back for bettering myself. I can proudly write that my goal was accomplished! It was the milestones I met in-between that I’ll remember the most. A few of them are that I now meal-prep more and have started to fit into old clothes. Milestones come more and more each day and it’s exciting! The lesson: Don’t focus and measure up against the end goal of whatever you are working towards. It’s nice to have that goal, but also take time to appreciate each moment you are in during the process.


As you can tell the Summer Shape Up taught me a lot. I hope my experience inspires you to go for new goals that you have in your life. If you’d like to learn more about the challenge check out the Love Sweat Fitness website. While the prizes are all given out you can still do the challenge.

What are some of the goals or experiences that you are wanting to go for? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if any of my lessons have inspired you to take the first step.

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