The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Benefits of drinking lemon water

Water on its own is important for your health. While the benefits of lemon water are debatable, it’s still a nice way to start the day. In this short, but tangy (see what I did there) post I’m going to tell you how and why drinking lemon water is a part of my morning routine.

Why I started drinking lemon water

I never pictured myself drinking lemon water daily. Well almost daily, I’m still working on developing this habit. I don’t really like flavored water, or I guess I didn’t until now. It was always either too little flavor or too much. It took me a while to learn to like fresh lemonade water, but I’m happy to say I don’t mind it today. I initially wanted to start drinking lemon water because of the health benefits. Later I learned that all those health benefits aren’t necessarily found in lemon water specifically, but I still enjoy the other benefits. Here are three benefits of drinking lemon water.

3 Benefits of Lemon Water

It wakes you up

I don’t know if it’s the tartness of the lemon, or the fact that I haven’t drank any water in 6-8 hours, but I feel so awake and refreshed when I take the first sip of lemon water in the morning. What’s the first thing you drink in the morning? Water? Coffee? Tea? Let me know in the comments.

It shakes up your water

Drinking nothing but water can get old fast. If you don’t want to drink your calories you may be left scratching your head wondering how to add some flavor in your life. Lemon water is a great alternative because there aren’t any added sugars that come in flavored drinks and you know exactly what is going in your water.

It makes you want to drink more water

If you do not like to drink water, but know that you should be drinking more, lemon water can be a great way to help you up your water intake. Maybe split it up through the day. Start with lemon water then maybe reward yourself with some more lemon water after drinking ___ amount of ounces. Get creative and do whatever helps you get your recommended amount of water each day.

If you haven’t tried lemon water before, maybe this is your sign to start trying it. I usually drink my lemon water, either after my workout while I’m doing my other morning routine tasks, or while I’m making breakfast. I’ve found that I’m more likely to drink it if I start the week by making a pitcher of lemon water instead of making lemon water everyday.

Let’s chat: Do you currently drink lemon water? What about any other flavored water?

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