self-love spotify playlist

The Ultimate Self-Love Spotify Playlist

February 8, 2020KellyC123

I have always been a big believer that music can heal. There is something so powerful about hearing messages set to music. Music can put you in a good mood when you are feeling sad, inspire you to realize your worth, or simply help you confirm that you are not alone in your struggles. That is just some of the examples of how impactful music can be. If you haven’t already discovered it, we have a special self-love Spotify playlist for the Love Myself 2020 Challenge. 

self-love Spotify playlist

There are about 100 songs on this playlist. That’s a lot of inspiring messages just waiting on your ears to hear them and your soul believe them. There may be some that you have heard before, and I’m sure there are some you haven’t heard as well.

A playlist this large may seem overwhelming to dig into, so I’m going to help you with that. In today’s post, I’m going to be breaking down this playlist into categories and sharing some songs in each one. This way you’ll have a starting point to reference. I’ve been listening to this playlist and it has been so refreshing. I highly recommend putting this self-love Spotify playlist on shuffle and listening to it throughout your day, week, and even the rest of the month.

For When You Need A Reminder That You’ll Get Through It

Some days are hard. Whether you struggle with mental illness, are going through a tough time, or just having a bad day, you may feel like you aren’t going to get through it. These songs are here to tell you that you can.

  • Rise Up: Andra Day
  • Overcomer: Mandisa
  • In My Blood: Shawn Mendes 
  • It Gets Better: GriZ & DRAM

For When You Need A Reminder That You Are A Strong, Independent Woman

Sometimes you just need to remember how strong you are when you are feeling down. Whether you just got out of a relationship, or just need that reminder, these songs are great to play on repeat.

  • I Can By My Own Drinks: Runaway June
  • Miss Me More: Kelsea Ballerini
  • Stronger: Britney Spears
  • Woman: Kesha & The Dap-Kings Horns

For When You Need To Hear That You Are Beautiful (and believe it)

If you don’t love what you see in the mirror you need a mindset change, don’t worry we’ve all been there. These songs are great for those bleh feelings when you catch yourself downing yourself for your appearance.

  • In This Skin: Jessica Simpson
  • Cover Girl: Big Time Rush
  • Beautiful: Christina Aguilera 
  • Just The Way You Are: Bruno Mars

For When You Need A Confidence Boost

We could all use a confidence boost every now and then. There is nothing that says I’m feeling confident more than belting out these empowering lyrics as loud as you can, in my opinion at least. 

  • Brave Honest Beautiful: Fifth Harmony & Meghan Trainor
  • Confident: Demi Lovato
  • Good As Hell: Lizzo
  • Firework: Katy Perry

For When You Need To Remember The Importance Of Self-Love

It’s what this whole challenge is about, so you know we had to include some of these songs. This playlist is full of songs that remind you, not only that you are worthy of love, but that you also need to love yourself.

  • Love Myself: Hailee Steinfeld 
  • Soulmate: Lizzo
  • Love Myself: Olivia O’Brien
  • I Am Enough: Daphne Willis
self-love quote

For When You Are Struggling With Being Single

It can be hard to feel great about yourself when you are surrounded by happy couples, especially during this time of year. I’ve got a blog post coming your way all about this topic next week. For now, if this is something you struggle with, listen to these songs. You just might find your perspective of your relationship status changing.

  • Hide Your Love Away: Anthem Lights
  • Might Not Like Me: Brynn Elliott
  • Queens Don’t: RaeLynn
  • Wait It Out: Jamie Grace

For When You Need To Realize That Your Life Is Actually Pretty Good

When you have been down and struggling for so long sometimes it’s hard to realize that you survived that dark time. These songs help you reflect on the good things in your life. Listen to them when you need that reminder.

  • Feeling So Good: Ashley Tisdale
  • Getting Good: Lauren Aliana 
  • Rainbow: Kacey Musgraves
  • Look At Her Now: Selena Gomez

For When You Need A Reminder Of Who You Are

YOU ARE AMAZING! Whether you know and believe it or not, there is at least one thing about you that you can feel good about. In those times where I personally don’t feel this way about myself, I lean on my faith to get me through. Whether you need confirmation that you are here for a purpose, or just need a reminder of why you are great, these songs are a great place to start.

  • You Say- Lauren Daigle
  • Through Your Eyes: Britt Nicole
  • Masterpiece: Jessie J
  • Granted: Josh Groban

If this preview doesn’t give you enough of a reason to check out this playlist, I don’t know what will. So what are you waiting for? Go check out this self-love Spotify playlist! Then come back and tell me what your favorite song is (or songs, because, let’s be honest, with a playlist this big it’s hard to choose just one).

self love playlist

This post is a part of the Love Myself 2020 challenge. Go follow Sam from Here I Mum Again, Morgan from Chica Confident, Jessica from Sweet & Spicy Essentials, Katie from Between The Lines and Ruth from Colourful Hope, for more self-love/self-care content. If you’ve missed any of our posts so far, catch up here.


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