5 Steps to Create A Perfect Vision Board

December 19, 2018KellyC123

I’m getting you prepped and ready for 2019. Keep up with the whole Plan Week series here:

Vision Board

I’ve always wanted to create one of these, but I never put enough thought to actually get it done. I wanted to change this for 2019 so I made sure I took more time for this activity. Here are the steps I have taken for this process. There  were a few hiccups, like running out of ink, but I didn’t let that stop me. Overall, I’m pleased with how my first vision board turned out

1. Write down your dreams for 2019

Before we get creating it’s time to do some brainstorming. Take a few minutes to write down what you want to accomplish, see, and do in 2019.  Once you can’t think of anything else to add put the list down and step away from it. Revisit it later to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Some things I’m putting on my vision board are saving $1,000, traveling to Atlanta and Nashville, and go to a Fitness Marshall and REFIT class.

2. Sketch out how you want your vision board to look

Next let’s figure out how we want our vision board to look. No need to chase perfection in this step. Our main goal is to get our spacing right and organize each item the way we want it.

3. Gather Supplies

You can make your vision board as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and that includes the supplies you use. Some examples of supplies you can use are markers, colored pencils, magazines, gel pens, glue, etc. 

4. Get Creating

Here comes the fun part! There is not much I can advise you to do here because everyone’s creative process is different. I will tell you what I did though.

After cutting my pictures out I laid them out on the poster board along with scrap pieces of paper with my non-printed items. I then proceeded to glue and draw each item out. After they were all there I created my 2019. I couldn’t resist adding a little sparkle to my vision board, so I took some pink glitter paint and added some dots. 

5. Step back and admire your work

If you had paint or anything that needs drying let that do its thing before moving your vision board. Then find a place to hang your work. Make sure it’s a place that you see every day so that you stay continually inspired to go after your dreams this year.

This was a great activity, productive and fun, my two favorite things. I hope you take some time before the year ends to create your vision board. If you do I’d love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #buddingjoyplanweek18.

In tomorrow’s post Plan Week is going to meet Finding Joy as I share with you my favorite tool I will be using in 2019 to be productive.

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