Plan Your Week in 3 Simple Steps

December 24, 2018

 I’m getting you prepped and ready for 2019. Keep up with the whole series here:

Yesterday I told you about my monthly prep and today we are taking it a step further by discussing weekly prep. This routine has given me clarity so that I don’t go into the week stressed and confused about what I should be doing each day.

Week At A Glance

This is the biggest step in my opinion. It can look different to each person depending on what your daily life looks like. For me this year I included several different areas in this step.

When I set up my week I start with listing out my work schedule, bible in a year passages to read, and self care challenges. Then I think about goals I want to achieve this week. My final step is to look at the tasks I want to complete by the end of the week and schedule out a breakdown of what I need to do each day to have it completed by the end of the week. If I have any events or meetings during the week I also add it here.

The main thing you want to accomplish with this step is to layout your commitments that are going on during the specific week as well as any projects or tasks you need to complete.

Meal Plan & Prep

This is a step that I struggle with a lot when it comes to weekly prep. Warning, it’s also the most time-consuming. However if your goal is to be healthy, or you find yourself being to busy during the week to make your meals, then this step is crucial. I try to create my meal plan on Thursday and Friday. As much as I try to have my meal prep done on Sunday, it ends up getting done on Monday. In the new year I am hoping to consistently prep on Sunday because, to be honest, prepping on Monday is stressful for me.

To succeed in this step you definitely need to plan ahead of time. On the day you meal-prep you are going to want to set aside a couple of hours to get it done. So my advice is to do it on a day where you don’t have a lot going on.


This step was also in my monthly prep, but in my weekly prep I take it a step further. During my weekly prep I write out all the exercises I do each day. I add Love Sweat Fitness daily workouts into my routine no matter what program I am doing each month. On Sunday I get the weekly workouts so I write them down in my weight loss binder as soon as I get the plan.

If you go to a gym to get your workouts in, on this step you can plan what time you are going. This also goes for any exercise classes you are wanting to attend during the week.

That’s a wrap on Plan Week 2018! If this is the first post you have seen in
this week scroll back up to the top and click on the links to the other Plan Week posts. It’s been so fun sharing my prep routines with you all. I know planning may not be the most fun thing in the world to do for most people. There are still ways to make it enjoyable. You have to find the groove that works for you. For me I love getting cute notebooks and pens to write everything down and listen to music while I’m doing it.

If you implement any of these into your routine I’d love to here about it. You can connect with me in the comments below or over on Instagram. Remember to use the hashtag #buddingjoyplanweek18 as you are going through the posts.

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