Where Is My Squad?: Television Shows and Movies Lied To Me

November 4, 2018KellyC123
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When I get invested in a show or movie I really get invested. It would probably come as no shock to you now that when a series ends of a show or something big happens in a movie, I get emotional. While I know what you see on the TV is not real, it doesn’t stop me from wishing that at least some aspects of the shows and movies were real in my life. Mainly the community that the majority of shows and movies seem to have.

Growing Up

I’m sure you can come up with several titles that have strong friend groups, but if I were to type them all here this would be a long post and I don’t want to waste your time. The point is I grew up watching these shows and movies. Seeing these strong friend groups was something a girl with hardly any friends longed for. When I went to college I was relieved to find that it was possible for me to make friendships and do exciting things together. My tv and movie dreams had came true!

After College

Post-grad life has me second guessing these TV and movie friend groups in a different way. How are these people always together, or at least always in communication with each other? I quickly realized that was not going to be how post-grad life would be. This was partly due to everyone having different schedules, and going in different directions, and mostly to due with my own stubbornness to stay stuck in my loneliness.

I know the latter doesn’t make sense, right? It really doesn’t make sense to me either. During that season I was in a bad place. I was so far deep in depression that I could hardly get off the couch most days. Though I was extremely lonely and wanting someone to snap me out of that darkness, I also didn’t want my friends to see me like that, so I pushed people away and stopped trying to connect with my friends.

Today I realize that friends are there to pick you back up when you fall if you let them in. I know that just because I don’t see them as much as I’d like to, doesn’t mean the friendship isn’t as strong as it was. What matters is the memories you do make together. The quality matters more than the quantity of time you spend together.

Here is a fun question for you: What is your favorite TV Show and/or movie right now?

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