Why You Should Have A Word of The Year

December 17, 2018KellyC123

This is the first post of Plan Week 2018. I’m getting you prepped and ready for 2019. Keep up with the whole series here:

Word Of The Year

I discovered the idea of having a word of the year about this time last year. I was a bit skeptical about whether it would work for me or not at first. After reading more about it I decided to go for it.

My first word of the year was DEVOTED. I chose this as a reminder to stay focused on what I wanted to achieve this year. Here are two major benefits I got from choosing a single word to define my year.

It gives you a direction for your goals

When it comes to setting goals, or new year’s resolutions, it’s easy to make them non-specific or random. What I found by centering my goals around a word was that it really helps to get to the point of what I really want to achieve. It also unites all the goals together. Typically, weight loss, finances, and spirituality wouldn’t be connected but I did just that with my word of the year in 2018. I wanted to be devoted to losing weight, devoted to being better with money, and devoted to my spiritual growth. Thus, connecting all my goals.

It keeps you focused throughout the year

Let’s be honest, who actually follows through, or even remembers, the new year’s resolutions we swore we would keep each year? I know I always had issues keeping them even before we reached half the year. The major benefit I found with having a word of the year is that, because of its simplicity, it’s easy to stay reminded of it.  Whether it be through artwork you personally buy or create, or it popping up randomly throughout the year, it’s likely that you will be reminded of it throughout the year. Seeing your word will bring you back to the goals you created with it at the beginning of the year. This is helpful in the case that you have forgotten, or given up, on your goals.

I have recently decided that my word for 2019 will be FLOURISH. I had considered this as my word last year and the fact that it came to me again was a sign for me. The definition of this word is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. That is what I want to do in 2019, I want to grow. This year I set the groundwork for what I want to accomplish. Now in 2019 I want to take off and truly flourish in these areas that I have focused on.

If you want to set a word to focus on in 2019 check out this website for ideas. Then comment below and tell me what your word will be.  Stay tuned tomorrow for an exciting activity after all this goal-setting. Hint: get your dreaming caps on and your stack of magazines ready.

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