Words That Shape Me: 2020 Reading List

December 24, 2019

Welcome to the Words That Shape Me series! In this series I’ll be posting my thoughts and what I’ve learned about each book. The books I review will be ones that have had a huge impact on my life and books that I believe can change your life as well.

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If you’ve been around Budding Joy for a while you know that reading is a passion of mine. This year I’ve got some books that I can’t wait to read, and some of them I’ll be reviewing. Before I share my list, I want to give you some tips to help you read more this year. These are tips I’ll also be putting into practice myself as well.

Set Up A Goodreads Account

This is a tip that is new to me this year. I started hearing all the benefits of having a Goodreads account this year. I hadn’t created an account yet, but there is nothing like a new year to get started. Goodreads not only gives you book reviews and recommendations. You can also connect with friends and track and organize books that you’ve read or want to read.

Make Reading Accessible To You

I get it, sometimes it’s not realistic to sit down with a physical book every day. There are other options available to you. If you are tight for money, try the library or ThriftBooks. If you want instant access to your book, e-books are for you. You can read them on a tablet like the Kindle, or you can download an app. If you’re always on the go try using audible. Audible allows you to listen to your book. This is ideal for road trips or even just getting ready for the day.

Track Your Progress

If you are motivated by crossing things off or filling things in a book tracker may be for you. I’ve loved my book tracker I had in my bullet journal this year. I’m planning on creating one for 2020 as well. Trackers are also a great way to remember the books you’ve read by the end of the year.

Join A Book Club

Looking for accountability? A book club is your answer. Whether it’s a few friends meeting up for coffee, or you are in a virtual group, book clubs are great for accountability. Here are a few other benefits of book clubs. If you can’t find a book club to join, why not create your own?

Make A To-Be-Read List

I would probably be lost without my to-be-read list. There are so many book recommendations that I see online, there is no way I could remember them all. Book Lists are great because you have all the books you want to read in one place, and you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing off the books you’ve finished.

My 2020 Reading List

  1. Everything Is Figureoutable 
  2.  Girl Stop Apologizing
  3.  Good Morning Good Life
  4.  Own Your Everyday
  5.  Your Twenties
  6.  Millennial Total Money Makeover
  7.  You Are Already Amazing
  8.  The Road Back To You
  9. Wait How Do I Write This Email? 
  10.  Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit
  11.  Jesus > Religion
  12.  Emma
  13.  Party Girl
  14.  It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way
  15.  Maybe Someday

I think I’ve got a good mix here between personal development, life skills, Christian living, and fiction. I’m always open to suggestions. What’s on your reading list next year and what tips are you using to read more this year?

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